Rose Whitehead Rennison
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WHITEHEAD, Rose (Rennison)

The Flights of Gustave Whitehead - Before The wrights Flew, Stella Randolph, 1966, pp. 120-121

When asked about the report that there was bitterness on the part of their mother and that she said, after their father's death, that he had never supported her and her family, the Whitehead daughters firmly denied that there was ever any rift between their parents. Mrs. Whitehead talked very freely and frankly with the writer, who made several visits to her home, in the 1930's, and there was never any intimation that she harbored any resentment about the past. That there was affection and understanding in the home in which this family was raised is apparent in their demeanor and their attitude toward each other. Although Whitehead's interest in solving the problem of flight did deplete the family budget, so that Mrs. Whitehead worked to help with household expenses, Whitehead bought land on Tunxis Hill, built two different homes there, and planted a large peach orchard from which they sold fruit. He took part in the gardening and provided a cow and chickens to help augment the family food supply.

...Rose, states that when she brought home the mail she had, more than once, so many letters with orders and advance payments on engines that she could scarcely hold them. In one of her 1930 interviews she reported that her father had returned fifty orders in one day.