Nicholas Weißkopf
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WEIßKOPF, Nicholas

Letter, Nicholas Weißkopf to "Dr. K.," May 19, 1936 - Original in German

In answer to your letter of the 15th, I wish to reply, that I am gladly at your disposal. although I intended to go to Munich over the holidays.

Concerning the childhood of my brother I can only say, that in consequence of the early death of our parents, the 6 children were brought up separately and that I know little about him.

That he was interested in flying early in his life is true & that he was firmly convinced that one could fly, with a machine heavier than air, is proven by the fact that he worked his whole life at this idea.

Unfortunately financial support was denied him, and like so many inventors he died unknown.

However, since flying did not make people happier, but will prove in a future war, one of the greatest scourge (evil) of mankind, I beg not to give away our name in any publication.

We are not blinded by ambition.

Yours truly

N. Weisskopf"