Wilfrid L. Walsh
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WALSH, Wilfrid L.

Letter to William J. O'Dwyer, April 9, 1966

10 Cutler Farm Road
Lexington, Mass 02173


Dear Major O'Dwyer

In reply to your letter of 3-21-66 I worked for Gustave Whitehead for a very short time about the year 1911.

Mr. Whitehead lived at Holland Heights which was just beyond Mt. Grove Cemetery and had a small machine shop in the rear of his residence.

As I remember Mr. Beach of Stratford was to finance the building of a Helicopter. I am not aware of the final result.

I was under the impression that Mr. Whitehead had made an early flight in an aeroplane. In what year I do not know. This is about all that I can recall at present.

Yours truly

W. L. Walsh