Charles Waldo
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WALDO, Charles

Lost Flights of Gustave Whitehead, Stella Randolph, 1937, p.36

Mr. McNamara's neighbor, Charles Waldo, editor of the "Bridgeport Post", when asked if he knew about Whitehead's flights, at first said Whitehead had made a flight at Fairfield Beach then amended his statement by saying that he had not witnessed the flight himself, but that it was common report.

Stella Randolph typed notes, not dated, ca. 1936

Bridgeport Star: I know for a fact that Mr. Whitehead did make a flight at Fairfield Beach. It was only a hop, not a long sustained flight. It was about 200 feet off the ground. Hos (sic) helicopter invention seemed to be one of the best things he worked on. His ideas were good. He had silk thread, raw silk about 1/4 inch, passing through pulleys to eliminate weight. He talked of multiple motored ships, but only got o far as working on the multiple cylindered engines. However, he always said it needed multiple motors to be practical, and it needed to be able to rise horizontally. When he got a few dollars ahead he would stop work and get a block of steel and go to work on his airplanes. The hop at Fairfield beach was several hundred yards but I did not see it.