August Wahlquist
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January 4, 1936

I returned for dinner and then Clara and I went to see August Wahlquist, 975 Howard Avenue. He was pretty old, stuttered, and had an accent to. He did not recall anything except that he knew Whitehead was working on airplanes. Whitehead worked under his direction in the old Wilmot and Hobbs plant. A chip of steel felw (sic) in his left eye, and he lost the sight. Later when he came back to work they would not take him be cause (sic) of this impairment.

Note that Randolph and O'Dwyer believe August Wahlquist said that Gustave Whitehead suffered the blinding injury to the left eye, but Randolph's notes are not clearly stated and Wahlquist might have been telling of his own injury.