William Snaideki
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Interview given to Stella Randolph, January 12, 1936

The only time I ever saw a machine fly was at Lordship. Beach was in the machine. It went up, and just before it left the cliff Beach jumped out and let the machine crash. It was certainly going to fly, but he was frightened. And there went our six-months work! [refers to Beach's Bleriot-type monoplane which was powered by a Whitehead engine]

The Story of Gustave Whitehead - Before The Wrights Flew, Stella Randolph, 1966, p. 127

Harworth reported under date of August 28, 1935 that Whitehead had built the Snaideki engine which had 16 cylinders, 8 on a side. However, William Snaideki said in 1963 that he was himself the inventor of the V-eight engine, and that Whitehead could not build and engine. But in the 1930's, when interviewed, Mr. Snaideki had said he spent most of his time in the MacKenzie plant and saw little of what went on at the Whitehead shop.

Stella Randolph typed notes, January 1936

Snaidecki lives at Westover, Virginia, near Richmond on the place of Richard Crane.

Snaidecki says most of the work on the airplane motors was done in the Mackencie machine shop and carried out to Whitehead to assemble.

They had a shop in Stratford about 1908.