James Roach
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ROACH, James

Stella Randolph typed notes, July 15, 1934

I can only help you by referring you to people who worked in the Locomobile plant at the time with Mr. Whitehead and who might have been interested in his experiments. Guy Hammond was younger, but ran a machine shop. He was always watching things of this kind. Wooster, the patent attorney who took out the first patent should know something. Pat Grace may possibly have the names of the men who attended a dinner of the old locomobile employees, given here in town a few years ago. Some of them might know about Mr. Whitehead's work. George Stone was time-keeper and personnel officer there and should know men who were contemporaries of Mr. Whitehead. He is now in the Government employment service and should be available. He is at the foot of Main Street in the old Barnum Museum.