Daniel McNamara
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McNAMARA, Daniel

excerpt from "Lost Flights of Gustave Whitehead," Stella Randolph, 1937, p. 36

One day McNamara arrived upon the scene of a glider flight in time to see a young protege, probably Harworth, towed down hill in a glider, and he told Whitehead that he also would like to take a ride in 'that thing' whereupon Whitehead promptly obliged.

McNamara said that he had never seen an airplane flight made by Whitehead although statements that Whitehead had flown were common.

Stella Randolph typed notes, July 16, 1934

City Editor, Bridgeport Times - I never saw any actual flights made by Mr. Whitehead in his airplane. I heard rumors of course, everyone did, that he had flown. I did have a ride in a glider one time. I went out to see him. He was a delightful old German with a regular Fields and Weber dialect, and we used to enjoy going to see him. He had just towed the glider down hill with a young fellow in it, a sort of protege of his. I do not recall his name. I said that I would like a ride in that thing, so he gave me one. Mr. McNamara could not seem to recall any names of people who should know, but when I spoke of Pat Grace and George Stone he seemed to think they were good prospects and he directed me to the office where George Stone could be found.

He seemed to think Gilbert Blanchard in Bullard Machine and Tool Company might be able to refer me to someone who would know Mr. Whitehead.