Andy Lazay
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"The Story of Gustave Whitehead - Before The Wrights Flew," 1966, Stella Randolph, p. 128

On January 3, 1936, Andy Lazay told of having been on the Sound in a boat one evening, when suddenly an apparition bore down close to him; it was a boat driven by a motor with whirling airplane propellers, and in it was Whitehead. The wind as it passed almost sucked in his craft Lazay reported. Mr. Lazay also stated that 'Whitehead was a first-class machinist and toolmaker and the doors of the Wilmot and Hobbs Company were always open to him whenever he wanted work there.

Stella Randolph typed notes, January 3, 1936

Mr. Steeves had other appointments and took me back to the Y. I looked up Clara, and we went to look up Andy Lazay. His wife was home, but Mr. Lazay was across the street in Jack's Grill. We went there and found Mr. Lazay and Mr. Joe Ciglar. Mr. Lazay said he had never seen a flight, but his brother Louis would know a great deal. He knew of another man also whose address he promised to send me. He said he recalled Mr. Whitehead's starting a concrete runway on ground now near the location of St. Stephen's School. He had also seen him trying out a boat at night with an airplane propeller on the front. He said it certainly did go, the wind from it being so strong that it nearly sucked in his (Lazay's) boat. He said Whitehead was a first class machinist and tool maker and the doors of the Wilmot & Hobbs Company were always open to him whenever he wanted to work there.