Raymond J. Keefe
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KEEFE, Raymond J.

Affidavit, October 10, 1964

I, Raymond J. Keefe, of 946 Howard Avenue, Bridgeport Connecticut, do hereby declare the following statements to be correct to the best of my ability, and are true to the best of my recollections.

When I was a youth, we used to play in the back side of Mountain Grove Cemetery, in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The Rooster River runs across the Western end of it and here was an area we used to swim in and skate on. We used to fly kites in the same area whenever the wind was blowing good. One time I can remember going down to the cemetery and right in the middle of it was this aeroplane. It had two wings. There was no damage to the plane as far as I can recall, and it was just sitting there in the cemetery property.

There was no way it could have been towed into the property because there was a fence around the grounds and a gate. The gate wasn't wide enough to let the plane through, so I suppose it flew in and landed there. I didn't see it fly in, but it must have, as there was no other way for it to be there. Some one of the kids around there at the time said that he had seen it fly in and land there.

[in handwriting] Middle refers to distance between gates at North and Dewey St and North Gate adjacent to old residence. Witnesses to the flight indicated plane had flown in a southerly direction had made turn at Dewey St and headed back in a Northerly direction when it crash landed in cemetery.

Sworn & Witnessed