John A. Johns
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JOHNS, John A.

excerpt from Lost Flights of Gustave Whitehead, Stella Randolph, 1937, p.28

John A. Johns of Pittsburgh said he recalled seeing the Whitehead airplane of 1899 at the corner of Louisa and McKee Streets, but did not believe it ever flew. He recalled when the engine was heated and the machine was prepared for flight.

Stella Randolph typed notes, July 17, 1936

I then went to see Mr. John A. Johns, whose wife told me I would find him at the Schenley Apartments garage. Mr. Johns was also very glad to give what information he could. He had never seen the machine get off the ground, although he said it did go some few feet, he had heard, one time. He recalled the plane very well, and the planes whose pictures I had looked like the one he had seen. He said the wings move up and down. He said the machine was stationed at McKee place. He thought the flight took place in early summer. School was out and there was foliage on the trees. Mr, Johns took me to the location where the flight apparently took place, McKee Place and Louisa Street, also helped me locate the residence of Dr. John Owens, and the place on Bates Street where he said Whitehead probably lived.