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5 Articles About The Notorious August 18, 1901, Sunday
       Bridgeport Herald Article Flying

7 Articles About Gustave Whitehead, His Machines & Motors

3 Articles About The Photographs - Faked & Erroneous

4 Articles About The "Eyewitnesses" & Supporters
11 Huffington Post Articles About Gustave Whitehead

     August 14, 2015, Story Telling - History or Historical Novel ?
          What One Sentence Reveals

     August 2015, Insights Into A Ruse by Louis Chmiel (pdf)

     October 24, 2013, Historian Statement Re: The Whitehead Claims Of Flight

June 2014, Royal Aeronautical Society - GUSTAVE WHITEHEAD RAeS statement regarding claims that Gustave Whitehead successfully flew an aeroplane before
the Wright brothers by Michael Oakey, RAeS Historical Group, Amended & approved by the Chairman & the members of the RAeS Historical Group Committee (pdf)

Connecticut Politicans Perpetuate the Whitehead Myth - Responses to Statements & Positions of Connecticut Elected Officials

…. Jane's STUMBLES OVER AN OLD AIRPLANE by Louis Chmiel & Nick Engler (pdf) …. August 8, 2013, JUST WHOSE CONSPIRACY IS THIS ? by Nick Engler (pdf)

June 25, 2015, Reply to Ms. Susan O'Dwyer-Brinchman …. February 6, 2015, John Brown Presents His "Evidence" & That "Evidence" Is Rebutted ….
An Open Letter to John Brown from Carroll F. Gray …. In Response to Paul Jackson's Essay of December 28, 2014, "Wright Brothers 'Hijacked History'" ….
Rebuttal to Jane's All The World's Aircraft March 2013 editorial re: Gustave Whitehead

FACT CHECK of John Brown's August 17, 2013, Presentation - At The Bridgeport Discovery Museum and Planetarium's Gustave Whitehead Event

February 20, 1963 - Connecticut Aeronautical Historical Association (C.A.H.A.) Position Paper on Gustave Whitehead
Connecticut Aeronautical Historical Association (C.A.H.A.) Interview Video
Statement of Last Surviving Eyewitness to Connecticut Aeronautical Historical Association (C.A.H.A.) Whitehead Investigation & Report

CBS 60 Minutes - August 18, 2013 Who Is This ?

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