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NEW May 22, 2015 - DIE WELT (Germany) "Bavaria [Bayern] Does Not Recognize First Flight By A German"
May 16, 2015 - The GUARDIAN (United Kingdom) "Three states bicker over 'first in flight' claim – but who's got it Wright?"
May 12, 2015 - NAHA asks Connecticut Sen. Kelly and IHS/Jane’s for proof Gustave Whitehead flew
May 11, 2015 - The Hartford COURANT (Connecticut) Editorial "Wrights' Evidence Grounds Gustave Whitehead's Flight Of Fancy"

February 6, 2015 - Rebuttal to John Brown's Paper "Evidence for pre-Wright powered flights by Gustave Whitehead"
January 27, 2015 - Rebuttal to Paul Jackson's Essay of December 28, 2014 "Wright Brothers 'Hijacked History'"
July 21.2013 - Rebuttal to Paul Jackson's Editorial of March 8, 2013 re: Gustave Whitehead
June 13, 2013 - Open Letter (still unanswered) to John Brown from Carroll F. Gray, Aviation Historian
August 2013 - Eleven Challenges (still unanswered) to Supporters of Gustave Whitehead's Flight Claims

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—— December 11, 2014 - John Brown & the Bridgeport Evening Post Article, August 26, 1901, "PERFECTING HIS APPARATUS" ——July 11, 2014 - RICHARD DAWKINS carries Scientific American's Whitehead Article
——July 9, 2014 - ECONOMIC TIMES of INDIA Article ——June 30, 2014 - FLUGZEUG CLASSIC Article Translation (with .pdf)
——June 29, 2014 - ROYAL AERONAUTICAL SOCIETY Statement (.pdf) ——July 5, 2014 - Walt Disney Studios & Gustave Whitehead —— April 28, 2014 - WHITEHEAD FAMILY HOME DEMOLISHED
—— Guest Article - Scientific American on Gustave Whitehead —— October 24, 2013, Statement Regarding the Whitehead Claims of Flight

Connecticut Aeronautical Historical Association (C.A.H.A.) interview video - and - statement of last surviving eyewitness to C.A.H.A. Whitehead investigation
TRUTH & GUSTAVE WHITEHEAD - The 112th Anniversary of Gustave Whitehead's Fantasy-Flight —— CBS 60 Minutes - August 18, 2013 - Who Is This ?
The German language Wikipedia entry for Gustave Whitehead cites our web site's article Truth and Gustave Whitehead

3D Renderings - 1906 A.C.A. Exhibition Photo Identified & It's NOT Whitehead —— "The Search For The Phantom Photograph of Whitehead In Flight"

Explaining The Sunday BRIDGEPORT HERALD of August 18, 1901 — Five Articles

Gustave Whitehead - The Person — The Machines & Motors — Seven Articles

The Photographs - Faked & Erroneous Evidence — Three Articles

Whitehead Witnesses, Supporters & Advocates — Seven Articles & Two Essays


FACT CHECK of John Brown's August 17, 2013, Presentation - At The Bridgeport Discovery Museum and Planetarium's Gustave Whitehead Event

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