John F. Fekete
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Interview, June 1948, given to K. I. Ghormley of firm that published Lost Flights of Gustave Whitehead

Ghormley noted "He is 71 years old and a retired machinist. Mr. Fekete worked with Whitehead in 1901 to 1903, living in the same duplex house with the Whitehead family. He stated that in May or June of 1902 he was present at Sport Hill, six or seven miles from Bridgeport, when Whitehead got his plane thirty feet high in the air and traveled two-hundred feet before he landed, with no damage done in landing. He stated that it ran about fifteen feet down hill, and then Whitehead turned on the engine, at which time it rose in the air and flew as described. Persons present at the time were Mr. Roth, owner of the farm on which the flight took place and Mr. Cignay, who worked on the farm, but both men are now dead.

"He stated that the plane was of the type shown opposite page 20, "Lost Flights," and that Whitehead drove it to Sport Hill on its ground wheels under its own power. He and Mr. Roth drove a wagon from Pine Street to Sport Hill, starting after Whitehead had arrived there in advance of the plane. The engine was a gasoline engine without a magneto, batteries being used."

Stella Randolph typed notes ca. 1936

Mr. Feckete (sic) didn't see any flights. He knew of the work engine planes. (sic)