John J. Dvorak
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available excerpts of Affidavit, July 18, 1936, given to John B. Crane

After staying several weeks (in Bridgeport in 1904) I came to the conclusion that Whitehead was in capable (sic) of building a satisfactory motor, and became disgusted and left.

During my stay in Bridgeport I did not meet a single individual who had ever seen Whitehead make a flight... I talked with Beach, the [automotive] editor of the Scientific American, who was interested in Whitehead's experiments (and who lived near Bridgeport) and Beach himself told me he had never seen Whitehead make a flight.

I do not believe that Whitehead made any flights, although it is possible he may have made short straightaway hops similar to a stone's skipping over the surface of the water...

I do not believe that Whitehead ever succeeded in making any airplane flights. Here are my reasons: 1. Whitehead not possess sufficient mechanical skill and equipment to build a successful motor. 2. Whitehead was given to great exaggeration. He was eccentric - a visionary and dreamer to such an extent that he actually believed what he merely imagined. He had delusions.