William Burns
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BURNS, William

Stella Randolph typed notes, July 17, 1936

I telephoned Mr. J. Frank McAllister who said he would be glad to see me about 1:00 o'clock. We then started off to find some of the people whose names I already had. I had to wait for a while for Mr. William Burns to return (371 Semple Street) and when he did he could only tell me that he had heard his father talk about the airplane and the flight made by Whitehead, but that he could give me no worthwhile evidence. His father had been a fireman stationed at No. 24 engine house and had helped push the plane for its start.

Stella Randolph typed notes, July 17, 1936

Saturday morning --- visited Mr. William Burns. It was his father who had been a fireman at No. 24 when Whitehead was experimenting in the part of the city near No. 24. Mr. Burns did not recall anything that he would care to make a statement about inasmuch as it had all come through his father's recollections.