Edward Bradtmuller
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(b. June 4, 1893; Brooklyn, NY; was 7 years old in 1901)

Affidavit dated Oct. 11, 1964

I, Edward Bradtmuller of Ridgley Ave., Fairfield, Connecticut, do hereby swear that the following statement is true and correct to the best of my ability and recollections of the actual things I witnessed Gustave Whitehead do with his bi-plane.

I recall his building the aircraft on his property across the street from where I presently live. At that time, however, there was nothing other than fields here. I lived up the street further and across from Mr. Suelly.

Mr. Suelly was a machinist and worked at Bullard's along with Gustave Whitehead. They built this bi-plane in the back yard of his old house and in front of the shop that has since burned down.

I can recall seeing them go up and down the street, of course than it wasn't a street like now, it was just an open area. I distinctly saw the plane fly and would estimate it to be over 10 feet in height and for a distance of a few hundred feet at a time.

I never did see any of his earlier flights.

Mr. Louis Bausche who lives down the hill from here was around earlier and perhaps he could help you out.

Signed and Witnessed