Otto Bellman
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Stella Randolph typed notes, July 26, 1936

I visited Otto Bellman in Newark. He said he had gone to Bridgeport in 1897. He had known the Whiteheads in Pittsburgh. The "Meadows" is the same as Lordship Manor or Park near Stratford or Fairfield.

Mr. Bellman says Whitehead was left "on his own" in Germany when 12 years old. He used to watch the pigeons for ideas. He came in contact with a man named Herman Miller. They talked until 2 in the morning over plans for airship construction, in Bridgeport. Miller opened a bank account for Whitehead. It was then they built the shack on Pine Street. Whitehead had men working there day and night for six months. It was June that they flew that year in Bridgeport. The brother of Mrs. Huber whose husband is janitor of the Washington school in Bridgeport, saw the flights.Then they sold the shack on Pine Street. It was then that he first went to Tunxis Hill, near the fire house. Then he met Stanley Beach, and spent his time in building motors. Lyon and Grumman on Main Street said that Gustave Whitehead was putting out the lightest motors that were built for airplanes. These people later opened a store in Fairfield.

While Whitehead was at 241 Pine Street his brother came from San Francisco and both started building. The younger brother started working in Durands (sic) locomobile company. Later he bought property in Eagle Bay, Canada.

Bellman says Beach made a promise and Whitehead kept working but when it came to a showdown Beach did not give Whitehead what he had promised.