Louis Baush
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BAUSH, Louis (or BAUSCH, Louis, or BAUSCHE, Louis)

Letter, Wm. J. O'Dwyer to Paul E. Garber, date not known

... Mr. Bausch, the 93 year old gentleman who knew Whitehead. Yes, I have already interviewed Bausch. I found him myself one day during a door to door canvassing of the neighborhood where Whitehead formerly lived on Tunxis Hill. Bausch told me he had watched the entire construction of the helicopter take place and its tests. He said, 'The helicopter was not a success. It only rose off the ground about three feet or as high as a wooden saw horse and it would hold for a while then go back to the ground.' He said it had no control that would keep it in constant position - it was more a lifting device that allowed no side movement. The engine ran very well and for extended periods. (4 cylinders opposed - gasoline powered). Whitehead never considered it a success.